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We need your help to save the giraffe!

Molly Clavering, - 29/04/2015

We chose a giraffe as the logo for because, being head and shoulders above other animals, they have a better perspective on the landscape. Having been previously, blissfully unaware of the plight of giraffe we are now committed to raising awareness to the help prevent the extinction of the world's tallest and most iconic creature.

Loss of habitat, hunting and poaching continue to decimate the giraffe population. Although giraffes are instantly recognisable, they face a silent demise because most people are oblivious to the impending threat of their extinction. It is estimated there are only 80,000 giraffes currently living in the wild, a result of a population decline of 60% in less than 15 years.

We can all choose to play a part in the conservation of the giraffe population. Our team at has joined with a team of documentary makers who are developing a feature film to raise awareness to the devastating effects humanity has on the giraffe population.

The Last of the Longnecks is a documentary which exposes the crisis of habitat loss and poaching, focuses on the damaging implications our planet faces if no action is taken. In the past 10 years, four out of five reticulated giraffes have vanished entirely.

If we considered the crucial role giraffes represent in the economic development of Africa - 14% of all employment in Kenya being secured through wildlife tourism - coupled with the fact that giraffe conservation can ultimately safeguard biodiversity through the preservation of hundreds of other mammal habitats, giraffe conservation must be regarded as a worthy cause.

Despite these overwhelming realities, little is being done to prevent the loss of an exceptionally unique species who will continue to die if we choose to do nothing. With rising proportions of land being used for agriculture, habitat loss is the dominant factor for the fall of giraffes. As the population increases and food becomes scarcer, giraffes have also fallen under serious danger from hunters and poachers who believe the highly-coveted animals can cure HIV/Aids if their brain and bone marrow is consumed.

At, our team have been campaigning to raise awareness for the plight of giraffe and to date the bulk of our financial support has mainly been awarded to the Rothschild Giraffe Project. We have now made a significant contribution to fund the production of the Last of the Longnecks but more money is still needed to bring the documentary to completion. This money is needed to cover travel expenses, permitting, fees, filming, equipment rentals and editing before the film can be released.

The drastic rate that the giraffe population is facing needs to be addressed. To find out more and help contribute to the development of the Last of the Longnecks, please visit We hope you can help.

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