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Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer (

About Us is a trading style of Lowes Financial Management Limited, of Fernwood House, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1TL. Lowes Financial Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA number is 114650. You can check that we are registered by checking the FCA website at or by writing to: The Financial Conduct Authority, 12 Endeavour Square, London, E20 1JN.

Our Service is a non-advisory service, providing retail investors with information to help them learn more about structured products currently available and, if appropriate, select and invest. Nothing within or any of the documentation/emails/information provided shall be deemed to constitute advice or a recommendation to invest in any product. If you are in any doubt as to the suitability of any investment please seek Independent Financial Advice. (In this regard, Lowes Financial Management offers a full fee based financial advice service, available on request.)

In using, you have confirmed your acceptance of our terms and conditions and you will be bound by them. We will not provide you with personal financial advice through this service and therefore have no duty to ensure suitability. Therefore, if it is established that the product you select is not suitable for you, you will not be entitled to compensation from us as it is your responsibility to take into account your circumstances and objectives to make your own judgement regarding suitability. acts as an “introducer” and will introduce you to other companies who provide financial products. When acting in this role, terminology used will vary between companies but includes ‘broker’, ‘intermediary’ and ‘financial adviser’, albeit on a non-advised basis in all circumstances.

Structured products featured on are displayed on a non-advised sale basis.

Basic product information is readily available on the site, with brochures and literature accessible through the service. Information given on the site is taken from each product’s terms and conditions, brochure and other literature written by the product provider. You should, however, always rely solely on the provider literature and from there satisfy yourself as to the full terms, conditions and risks of any investment.

If you decide to proceed with any investment, we will act as intermediary and process the application for you.

Investment Risk

All investments carry risk. We will take due care and diligence in conducting business with you, but we are not liable for any loss or fall in the value of any investments. You must be aware that investment values can fall as well as rise and that you may not get back the full amount you invested. In extreme circumstances you could lose all of the money you invest.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Some investments may have the potential to be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, who may be able to provide some compensation in the event that capital is lost in specific circumstances. Most types of deposit business are covered up to a maximum of £85,000 per person per authorised firm but this would only potentially cover losses arising in the event that the deposit taking institution defaults. Most types of investment business is covered up to a maximum of £85,000 per person per authorised firm but this will not cover investment related losses and is only to potentially cover civil liabilities arising as a result of the investment firm failing to meet their obligations to you.

Client Money

We do not handle client money in respect of this service and with the exception of payments in respect of our fees we do not accept cheques made out to Lowes Financial Management Ltd. Additionally, we never accept or handle cash.

Investment Documents

All investments will be made in your name, unless otherwise agreed in writing. All documents of title in respect of investments will be forwarded to you directly by the investment manager. We will confirm in writing, via email once your application has been processed.

Cancellation Rights

As no advice will be given through, please be aware that certain investments may not qualify for cancellation during a cooling off period. If any of the products or investments you take out has a right of cancellation, full details of this can be found in the individual product literature which should be read carefully, noting some investments will have no such rights.

Mode of Communication

We will typically communicate with you via email, however, should you have any queries you can contact us via email, telephone or post.

Processing your application

We will endeavour to deal with your application within three working days of receipt.

We utilise Royal Mail services to deliver your applications to the product providers. Whilst we endeavour to process each application within three working days of receipt, we cannot guarantee that your application will be processed before any product deadline and will not be responsible for any delay beyond our control.

For ISA transfer applications, we are not liable for any delays and cannot guarantee that transfers will meet application deadlines. Before attempting to invest, check with your existing ISA manager that transfers are allowed and whether a charge is applied for that service. Please note while transferring, it is possible that income or growth may be lost during this time. Should your application fail to meet the product deadline, we will inform you as soon as possible and your application and investment cheque will be returned to you or, on your instruction, destroyed.

Please note, as a non-advised service, the fee is payable for the processing of the application and will not be refundable, other than at our absolute discretion, should your application not proceed for factors outside of our control, such as investor cancellation, delays in transfers etc.

In order to confirm your identity, we may approach a third party (i.e. a credit reference agency) to confirm your identity, or that of any other person providing the funds on your behalf. It may be necessary, at a later date, to run additional verification checks requiring additional information to confirm identity. If we are unable to verify your identity, we will be unable to process your application other than in exceptional circumstances.

In many cases, we are obliged to ascertain the appropriateness (but not the suitability) of an investment selected by you, for you before processing. In the event that an investment is deemed not to be appropriate, for example; because you are not in a position to commit to the investment term etc. we will decline the application.

Data Protection

The information you provide us is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We will only retain and use your data in accordance with our business. We will use the information you provide to us to process your application and provide you with information that you have requested.

Using your data includes obtaining, recording or holding information or data, transferring it to other companies associated with us, product providers, the FCA or any other statutory, governmental or regulatory body for legitimate purposed including, where relevant, to solicitors and/or other debt collection agencies for debt collection purposes and carrying out operations on the information or data.

We will use the information you have provided only to contact you in accordance to the terms our privacy policy. We will not use your information for any other purposes unless legally necessary in the course of business. For more information view our Privacy Policy.

You may be assured that we and any company associated with us will treat all personal data and as confidential and will not process it other than for legitimate purposes. Measures will also be taken to safeguard against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss or destruction or damage to the data. Subject to certain exceptions, you are entitled to have access to your data held by us. You may be charged a fee (subject to the statutory maximum) for supplying you with such data.

In the event of any failure, interruption or delay in the performance of obligations resulting from breakdown, failure or malfunction of any telecommunications, computer system or from any other event or circumstance whatsoever not reasonably within Lowes’ control, Lowes shall not be liable or have any responsibility of any kind, for any loss or damage incurred by the Client.


Whilst every attempt has been made to ensure that the information supplied on and by is correct and up to date (including that which is sent to you) no warranty or representation is given as to its accuracy or reliability. You should therefore always rely solely on the provider literature and documentation.

What you will have to pay for our Services

For this service a one-off fee will be charged whenever business is processed and falls due at the time of processing. The typical fee for this service is:

1.65% of each new investment amount

Examples of what this means in monetary terms is shown below:

Example Investment Amount Fee £10,000 £165, £50,000 £825, £100,000 £1,650 Fees for investments over £100,000 are negotiable.

These are example investments only. The actual fee charged depends upon the final investment amount and will be detailed in follow-up correspondence

The fee may be paid for in the following ways.

By a separate cheque for the fee amount made payable to Lowes Financial Management Limited. Alternatively the product provider may facilitate the payment by deducting the fee from the investment amount and pass this back to us. They will then invest the net amount after the fee has been deducted. On very rare occasions a product may still incorporate a commission, which could be up to 3%. Where this is the case, we will retain 1.65% to settle our fee and rebate the balance back to you. Any application for an investment submitted through will serve as the relevant authority for us to be paid under option 2 above, unless the product incorporates commission or the application is accompanied by a separate cheque as per option 1.

Under options 2 and 3 your liability for the fees will be discharged once we receive payment from the product provider.

Fees for this service are not normally subject to VAT, however in the event that a service we provide is subject to VAT, this will be charged at the prevailing rate.

The above relates to our fees only. Any provider charge associated with the product selected will be outlined in the product literature.

Links to other sites contains links to other websites. Lowes Financial Management cannot accept responsibility for any information given or advice provided by these other sites.

UK Residents is aimed at UK residents and those ordinarily resident for tax purposes only and the terms and conditions are governed by English Law. Those considering investing through who are currently outside of the UK should contact us prior to proceeding.


If you wish to register a complaint, please write to:

The Compliance Officer, Lowes Financial Management Limited, Fernwood House, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1TL

Or contact us on 0191 281 8811.

Our internal complaints handling procedures for the reasonable and prompt handling of complaints is available upon request and if you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service or by contacting them on 0800 0234567.'


Before proceeding to use this website it is important that you first read the following information:

This site is intended only for use by retail clients. UK financial services professionals as defined in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 can instead utilise

If you give us your details, you agree to us storing and using them in the course of the business of the Lowes Group of Companies and, subject to your stated preferences, you agree to us contacting you.

Use of this site is free of charge and subject to these terms and conditions. is maintained by Lowes Financial Management (Lowes), a company registered in England & Wales No. 1115681. Lowes is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority No. 114650. All information contained within this site is copyrighted and can only be repeated or otherwise published with written authorisation from Lowes and where full credit is given to

The Providers are not responsible for any content of (other than the Product materials which it has produced) or any other website referred to within does not offer investment, legal, tax or any other advice, and any information displayed on the site should not be interpreted as such. Lowes accepts absolutely no liability for any loss or expense incurred by the interpretation and subsequent use of any information contained within this site. In every instance users should validate the information contained within the site by referring to the product literature and product provider. Lowes reserves the right to refuse or terminate registration of any user without notice or reason, or to otherwise alter the terms of this service at any time.

Whilst we strive to cover as many retail structured products as possible, our coverage is NOT exhaustive and does not provide details of every product and we reserve the right to limit which provider's plans are shown. Lowes does not undertake to enter into any discussion with regards any information or opinion provided via

Users' email addresses or other details will not be passed on to any third parties for marketing purposes. Users may subscribe to update emails regarding products, and all details submitted to the website will be subject to the Privacy Policy. In order to download literature or product brochures from, users must input certain contact details. Again, these details will not be passed to any third party under any circumstances and are subject to the Privacy Policy. provides information which in some cases includes the subjective opinion of Lowes. Any opinions or beliefs provided about a product are that of Lowes, are relevant to the product at the time that it was reviewed. They are not routinely updated and remain an opinion only. Any opinion provided should not be construed as advice in any form, and absolutely no liability can be accepted by Lowes for any loss or expense incurred by the interpretation of such opinions or because our preferences are followed.

Whilst Lowes strives to maintain the accuracy of information contained, and to ensure that all of the information provided is up to date, no guarantee can be given for the accuracy of any information displayed on the site, thus Lowes cannot accept any liability for any loss or inconvenience arising from any errors or omissions in such information. Users should therefore satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any information provided.

Some of the pages within may contain links to third party websites and/or references to third party information. Whilst Lowes strives to maintain the links to third party websites, and to keep references to third party information up to date, Lowes cannot accept any liability for any errors or omissions in this information. Users should therefore satisfy themselves as to the accuracy of any information provided by third party sources. Please note that all products referred to on this website are subject to change without any prior notice.

Please be aware that, with the exception of capital guaranteed investment products (which may have Financial Services Compensation Scheme protection up to certain limits), the investment products displayed within place investors' capital at risk and investors may not receive back their original capital investment in full.

Please note that the information contained within these pages does not constitute advice within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act (FSMA 2000).

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