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Return of the Bank - 22/07/2020

In 2009 Barclays Bank was counterparty to more than a quarter of all UK retail structured products distributed in the intermediary space. Over the following five years they were counterparty and issuer to more than 200 more but by the end of Summer 2015 they had left the market.

We are delighted to see Barclays return to the market, bringing the number of participating counterparties in 2020 to twelve, thereby providing significant diversification potential.

The British multinational investment bank’s credit ratings are as below, as of 27th May 2020.

Standard & Poor's - A (Negative)

Fitch - A+ (Stable)

Moody's - A1 (Stable)

The significance of diversification across investments goes without saying, not least diversification across counterparties when considering structured products as part of a wider portfolio. As such, this should be a welcome return for UK retail investors.

Details of all available products can be found under the 'Products' tab.

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