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Q2 2024 maturity results - 10/07/2024

In the second quarter of 2024 the FTSE rose 2.66%, breaking all time highs for the UK index, with the highest closing level of 8,445.80 achieved midway through May. With over 77% of Q2 maturities being solely linked to the FTSE 100 (or FTSE CSDI) these elevated levels have ensured a high volume of early maturities for autocalls and other plans with early calls. Other commonly used indices that are often used in conjunction with the FTSE are also at or near all-time high levels, again warranting ample positive maturities.

198 UK retail structured plans matured in the quarter, with all but two delivering positive results for investors. The only maturities to return no gain were two that did not expose investors to risk of loss as they were deposit-based contracts linked to the ‘redundant’ Investec EVEN 30 Index. All of the rest returned gains with the 190 capital at risk plans realising average annualised returns of 7.15% over an average term of 3 years.

Q2 2024 Structured product maturites

Capital at risk Lowes 'Preferred'- capital at risk Deposit based Lowes 'Preferred'- deposit based
Number of maturities 190 34 8 1
No. returning positively 190 34 6 1
No. returning capital only 0 0 2 0
No. realising a loss 0 0 0 0
Average term (years) 3.01 3.00 4.25 6.00
Average annualised return 7.15% 7.89% 1.64% 4.67%
Avg. upper quartile 9.20% 9.56% 3.45% -
Avg. lower quartile 5.19% 6.70% 0.00% -

Of the 198 maturities, 11 autocalls ran their full term with all benefiting from six years’ worth of snowballing coupons. 13 maturities in Q2 were fixed term contracts that were always destined to mature last quarter.

Q2 2024 best performing structured product maturities by annualised return

Provider Plan Name Counterparty Index Link Maturity Date Investment term (years) Index Movement % Final Gain % Annualised Return
Mariana FTSE 150 Kick Out Plan June 2020 Natixis FTSE 150 EWDR 26/06/2024 4 13.7 60 12.5%
Walker Crips UK & US Kick-out Plan (MS128) Morgan Stanley & Co. International FTSE 100 & S&P 500 13/05/2024 1 8.5
12.5 12.4%
Walker Crips UK & US Kick-out Plan (MS131) Morgan Stanley & Co. International FTSE 100 & S&P 500 24/06/2024 1 11.0
12 11.9%
Mariana 10:10 Plan June 2022 (Option 3) Morgan Stanley & Co. International FTSE CSDI 17/06/2024 2 16.5 24.5 11.6%
Mariana 10:10 Plan April 2022 (Option 3) Morgan Stanley & Co. International FTSE CSDI 22/04/2024 2 6.7 22.8 10.8%

The table above demonstrates that the risker structures (excluding share-linked, which have not been seen for some time) will reward investors with the highest returns – provided the markets are on your side. Dual index and Hurdle contacts can often entice investors with high headline coupons – common sense should prevail when using these, ensuring extended maximum terms and adequate overall portfolio diversification.

Over Q2, there were 35 Lowes ‘preferred’ maturities, 34 of which were capital at risk plans, returning an average annualised return of 7.89% across an average duration of 3 years – outperforming the sector average by 0.74%.

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